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Dr. Hans Boehnke has been in practice for over 40 years now and loves to go into work to help patients feel and function better. He has had the privilege of treating 4 generations of a couple of families at one time. He continues to take courses and to write professional papers to contribute to the advancement of patient care.

Dr. Hans has an extensive history of post-graduate studies and teaching. He has always challenged himself by furthuring his education and has also written several papers. You can read more about Dr. Hans Boehnke here.

His teaching has allowed him ot work with a variety of people, from babies, seniors and Olympic atheletes like Kathrin Boron (four-time Olympic gold medalist).


Kathrin Boron (four-time Olympic gold medalist) and Dr Hans Boehnke

He welcomes new patients and challenges and has been able to help many patients who were not satisfied with the care and results that they were getting elsewhere. 

The office is located at 134 Main Street (Markham North) in Markham, Ontario. We are open 5 days a week and the clinic is wheelchair accessible, and we have a large private parking lot.



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