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Over the past year I have been contemplating my retirement for reasons related to age and health issues. My greatest concern has been in finding a replacement; someone who is competent and compassionate, someone who I feel will be as concerned about you as I am, for now and your continued health.  

I am pleased to share that Dr. John Varga will meet those needs, and I wanted to inform you that he and I will be working on transitioning my practice from me to him in the next couple of weeks.

Dr. Varga has signed a non -disclosure and confidentiality undertaking and will be the custodian of your file and patient information.  He will handle your health information with the respect and care required by current law.  Should you need your file or health information, he will be the one to contact.

Dr. Varga has a good reputation and although his practice style and methods may differ somewhat from mine, I am confident that he will work very hard to help you.

Dr. Varga has been a chiropractor for 23 years, starting in Hamilton and Stoney Creek and as of August 2019, now in Markham.   He is a friendly and outgoing professional and his goal has always been to actively promote the health and wellness of his patients through chiropractic care with a focus on their nutrition, injuries, prevention and rehabilitation.  I feel confident that Dr. Varga will provide the care you are looking for.  His community-based practice is not far, located at 2715 Bur Oak Drive. 

In other circumstances, I would have had Dr. Varga meet you on your next visit but given the times, I wanted to write to tell you that he is available to welcome you starting June 8, 2020.  He and I will work together on your continued wellness plan.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Varga at 905 294 2904, or by email at markhamchiropractor@rogers.com, or visit his website at markhamchiropractor.com

We both want to make this transition easy for you.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at hans.boehnke@sympatico.ca  

It has been a pleasure serving you and the community for 49 years.  Thank you for making this part of my life so special to me. 


Dr. Hans Boehnke


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